Why Free Range?

Our animals natural environment is in grass and woodlands digging in dirt, eating grass, root crops and grain. They obtain nutrients and minerals from this natural process. Take them away from this and we are messing around with their health as well as our own. We stock about 4 pigs to the quarter acre (average house site). Commercial farms have 4 pigs in the space of an average car. This seriously comprimises the pork we eat.
At Atlantic Hogs we see our future with producing Goat's meat and Duck's meat. We have already started!

Bord Bia approved produce

Our native grasslands have never had any chemical fertilisers in the history of their existence. Our lands contain natural herbs and woodlands with obvious nutritional benefits to our animals and in turn to our customers.
Our soil has extremely high levels of Iron. This can be distinguished in our produce by a rich red coloured meat which looks more like beef than commercial pork. This natural Iron adds significant nutritional value.

Our feed is obtained from local farmers and does almost no food miles to get to our farm. Also with such close relationships to our local farmers we can ensure that the feed is of the highest quality with no added chemical preservatives.
Our abattoirs, Terry McLoughlin from Lanesborough and Justin Flannery in Gort are Bord Bia approved to export quality, which is the highest possible quality in Ireland. Every single Atlantic Hogs animal is tested to this level by a qualified on site Veterinarian.


"Atlantic Hogs has provided quality pork to Vaughan Lodge. From the outset of  passion and professionalism was never in doubt. The enthusiasm filters through from the supply to the uniqueness of their meat. Atlantic Hogs operates a fine dining restaurant and our guests consistently comment on the flavours and tenderness of the speciality products that Atlantic Hogs provide. These are products that can be served at gourmet level without hesitation and we at Vaughan Lodge are delighted to have Atlantic Hogs as our preferred supplier"

Michael Vaughan
Proprietor, Vaughan Lodge, Lahinch, Co. Clare